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Experimental Product Development

Exploring Innovation: The Journey of Experimental Product Development

About The Servıce
Experimental Product Development is an approach to product creation that focuses on rapid prototyping, iterative testing, and learning through experimentation to quickly validate ideas and refine them based on real-world feedback. It aims to minimize risks and maximize learning, allowing businesses to bring innovative products to market more efficiently.
About the Service
Our Experimental Product Development service is a catalyst for innovation and growth. We empower businesses to unlock their full potential by pushing boundaries and embracing experimentation. With a focus on driving growth and delivering exceptional results, our service combines strategic vision, cross-functional collaboration, and cutting-edge methodologies. Together, we trailblaze the future, transforming ideas into reality and shaping industries through pioneering product development strategies.


Lengthy development cycles and delayed product launches could signal the need for a more agile and iterative approach to product development.
If a significant number of new products do not meet customer expectations or fail to gain traction in the market, this may indicate a need for a more experimental approach.
A stagnant product portfolio or difficulty in generating innovative ideas can be a sign that the organization needs to adopt a more experimental mindset.
If product changes are often required post-launch due to unforeseen issues or market demands, this might suggest the need for a more iterative and feedback-driven development process.
Difficulty in accurately identifying and addressing customer pain points can be an indication that a more experimental, customer-centric approach is required.
If products consistently struggle to find their target audience or address real market needs, this could signal the need to validate product ideas more thoroughly through experimentation.

Excessive spending on product development without achieving desired results may suggest that a more iterative, cost-effective approach is necessary.

A lack of enthusiasm or involvement from team members in the product development process could indicate that a more collaborative and empowering approach, like Experimental Product Development, is needed.

What are your benefits?

By using experimental product development methodologies, companies can get products to market faster. MVP and MMF allow companies to launch with minimal features, while MVT and AB testing enable companies to quickly test and iterate on different variations of their product.
By focusing on MVP and MMF, companies can save on development costs and resources. MVT and AB testing allow companies to quickly test and iterate on product features, saving time and money in the long run.
By testing products with customers using MVT and AB testing, companies can identify and address customer needs and preferences, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

By launching with MVP and MMF, companies can minimize their investment in unproven products, reducing the risk of failure. MVT and AB testing allow companies to test different product variations and features, reducing the risk of launching a product that doesn't resonate with customers.

By using experimental product development methodologies, companies can quickly test and iterate on products, allowing them to refine the product to better fit the market.

By using MVP and MMF, companies can quickly test new product ideas and features, encouraging innovation and creativity.

By using MVT and AB testing, companies can make data-driven decisions about which product features to prioritize and invest in.

By using experimental product development methodologies, companies can quickly innovate and iterate on products, giving them a competitive advantage over companies that are slower to adopt these methodologies.

We impact everyone positively

Our service supports entrepreneurs and startups in disrupting industries and transforming innovative ideas into successful products. We provide guidance, resources, and a structured approach for navigating product development challenges.

For established companies, our service enhances innovation capabilities and drives growth through groundbreaking product development. We bring fresh perspectives, methodologies, and an experimental culture to fuel continuous improvement.
We empower product managers and development teams to elevate their performance and create breakthrough products. Our tools, frameworks, and collaboration opportunities streamline processes and deliver exceptional results.

Our strategic guidance and experimental mindset help businesses gain a competitive edge, explore new markets, and stay ahead. We identify opportunities, evaluate feasibility, and develop success roadmaps.

Visionary leaders and ambitious professionals thrive with our "Experimental Product Development" service. We foster innovation, challenge conventions, and empower individuals to drive meaningful change.
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Dimensions of the service

The key success factors for product development involve aligning the overall product development strategy and goals with the company's broader business strategy.

The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) involves developing core features that deliver value to the customer with the minimum necessary functionality.
The concept of Minimum Viable Test (MVT) and A/B testing involves identifying the variables that need to be tested and using data to make informed decisions and continuously improve.

The principles of Agile and their application to product development involve working more efficiently and effectively by emphasizing collaboration and transparency across teams.

The principles of customer-centric design revolve around identifying and understanding customer needs and preferences, with the goal of designing products that effectively meet those needs and address their pain points.
The metrics for measuring success in product development include monitoring and evaluating progress, using data and insights to make informed adjustments and improvements.
Coaching and support are provided to help teams apply the principles of product development, including identifying and addressing barriers to success, as well as recognizing teams for their achievements.


Primary steps of the service

To optimize a specific business process, it involves identifying the process, clarifying desired outcomes and improvement targets, and obtaining stakeholder buy-in and support.
To effectively optimize a business process, it is crucial to document the existing process comprehensively, including all activities, inputs, outputs, and resources, identify value-added and non-value-added activities along with potential areas of waste, and analyze process performance metrics to establish a baseline for improvement.

In the process optimization journey, it is important to pinpoint inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and sources of waste in the current process, evaluate the root causes of identified issues, and prioritize improvement opportunities based on their potential impact for effective allocation of resources.
To address the identified improvement opportunities, it is essential to brainstorm and evaluate possible solutions, develop and implement standardized procedures and best practices to enhance process efficiency and consistency, and involve employees in the development and implementation of new solutions to foster ownership and commitment.

Our esteemed team of seasoned consultants, with extensive expertise in agile working systems spanning over a decade since 2008, has painstakingly crafted the content and format of this training program. Drawing from their distinctive experiences and a wealth of corporate insights garnered through delivering consultancy services to prominent institutions across Turkey, our consultants have seamlessly integrated their diverse knowledge into this comprehensive offering.

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