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As a pioneering consultancy firm in Istanbul, we are driven by our motto: 'Bright People, Bright Future.' We believe that the future is shaped by bright minds, and that's why we've assembled a team of exceptional individuals who are not just experts in their fields but are also committed to innovation and excellence.

We go beyond traditional strategy and management consulting to become transformative partners for our clients. Our unique blend of expertise in Cultural Transformation, Strategy Development, and Operating Model Design is aimed at driving sustainable growth while illuminating the path to a brighter future.

Our approach is deeply rooted in Experimental methodologies and Product Management, ensuring that we deliver results that are not only effective but also innovative. We excel in Process Optimization, offering streamlined solutions that enhance efficiency and maximize value, thereby brightening the prospects of your organization.

Our Leadership and Teamwork skills enable us to manage a diverse portfolio of projects, from Program and Project Management to Process Management and Change Design. We are committed to creating impactful strategies that foster social equity, economic viability, and organizational excellence.

With a focus on complexity collaboration, we design transformative solutions that empower businesses and enrich communities. We are not just consultants; we are your partners in creating a brighter, more equitable future.

Innovative solutions for your individual context

As a leading performance support hub, we look to engage with our clients beyond conventional solutions rather building operating models that is driven by performance.

Measure & Define the Gap

We assess your individual context to identify discrepancies between current operations and desired outcomes, thereby paving the way for the design of innovative solutions.

Focus & Design a Solution

We concentrate on the intricacies of your specialized complexity to architect innovative solutions that are not only aligned with the organization's goals but also scalable and sustainable for long-term success.

Implement & Check the Results

We execute the carefully designed innovative solutions tailored your unique context, and then rigorously evaluate the outcomes to ensure they meet the predefined objectives and contribute to long-term operational excellence.


Beyond conventional consultancy and training firms

Our purpose is to be a catalyst to a bright future. We believe in that we can only create bright future, with bright people. Moreover we believe in that bright people are everywhere just waiting to execute their potential for a bright future by growing, improving and serving for the good.

We remain impartial to all techniques, methods, and approaches, regardless of their popularity. We value each of them as gifts from our civilization, whether they are traditional or agile. Our primary focus is on understanding the problem or goal at hand. We assess the situation, consider all constraints, and then collaboratively push the system toward change. Our goal is to unleash its full potential, drawing upon the collective knowledge and experience of our support hub and the clients.

We value the realities we face, the potential within us, and the expectations set before us. We recognize both the challenges and dreams that lie ahead. With unwavering energy and commitment, we are dedicated to learning, persevering, and achieving success for our clients in every circumstance.


Years of

Unique perspectives for every industry

We know that you operate on risk-reward dynamics, with hierarchical structures often focused on specialized departments like trading, risk management, and compliance.

We know that you are highly regulated with a focus on patient outcomes, often organized into specialized units like diagnostics, treatment, and research.

We know that performance is seasonally driven and highly dependent on consumer behavior, with a structure that often includes procurement, sales, and marketing departments.
Efficiency and quality are key in your world, with a structure that often includes R&D, production lines, and quality control units.
We are aware that you need fast-paced and innovation-driven, often with flat or matrix organizational structures to encourage creativity and agility.
You need to be agile and scalable. You need to adopt DevOps or Scrum frameworks for rapid development and deployment
We know that your world is highly data-driven with a focus on customer experience, often structured around digital marketing, sales, and logistics departments.
You are capital-intensive with long investment cycles, often divided into exploration, production, and distribution units.
We know that you require extensive infrastructure and is regulatory-sensitive, often structured into network operations, customer service, and regulatory affairs.

World class consultants, coaches and trainers.

Projera is a performance boost hub, housing experts skilled at crafting high-performance operating models and steering the associated implementation and transformation initiatives and reach an incredible workforce.

We support both emerging and established high performers to adapt, thrive, and innovate in today's dynamic landscape through experience, expertise, ideas and insight.

Şerife Dalcı

Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Agile Coach, Trainer

Emre Enver Uçar

Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach

Melike Yeşilo

Enterprise Transformation Expert & Agile Coach

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As a leading performance support hub, we look to engage with our clients beyond conventional solutions rather building operating models that is driven by performance.

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x18 PSM

x18 PSPO

x18 PAL

x2 SPC

We build and activate enterprises through cultural insight, strategic vision and the power of emotion across every element of its expression

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