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Agile Metrics and Reporting

Unleash the Power of Data to Optimize Your Agile Transformation

About The Servıce
At PROJERA, we recognize that measuring and managing the performance of your agile transformation is vital for achieving long-term success. Our Agile Metrics and Reporting service offers comprehensive solutions to define, track, and analyze the right metrics that drive continuous improvement, enhance processes, and promote transparency and accountability. By leveraging data-driven insights, our experienced consultants empower your teams and leaders to make informed decisions, adapt to market changes, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.
About the Service
With the ever-evolving business landscape, understanding your agile performance is crucial to stay ahead. PROJERA's Agile Metrics and Performance Management service helps your organization identify and implement relevant and actionable metrics. By providing visibility into project progress, team productivity, and product quality, our service supports your agile practices and fosters a culture of data-driven excellence.


  • Lack of visibility into project progress, making it difficult to assess team performance
  • Challenges in measuring the success and impact of agile practices
  • Absence of actionable data to drive continuous improvement initiatives
  • Inability to identify bottlenecks or areas for process optimization

If your organization is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be the right time to consider our Agile Metrics and Reporting service.


What are your benefits?

  • Define and track agile performance metrics (e.g., Velocity, Cycle Time, Lead Time) to gauge project progress and team productivity.
  • Implement data collection and analysis tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau) to gather valuable insights.
  • Visualize and report metrics effectively to facilitate decision-making and enhance transparency.
  • Analyze and interpret metrics to identify improvement opportunities and drive agile success.
  • Embrace continuous improvement frameworks (e.g., PDCA, Kaizen) for ongoing enhancement.

We impact everyone positively

Our Agile Metrics and Reporting service is beneficial for:

  • Organizations seeking to measure and optimize their agile transformation efforts.

  • Agile teams and project managers looking to track performance and improve outcomes.

  • Leaders and executives requiring data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

  • Companies aiming to foster a culture of transparency and accountability.
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Dimensions of the service

Our Agile Metrics and Reporting service covers the following dimensions:
Define and implement key metrics such as Velocity, Cycle Time, Lead Time, etc., to assess project and team performance.
Utilize tools like Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau, etc., to gather and analyze relevant data.
Follow best practices in data visualization for effective communication and understanding.
Apply principles like PDCA and Kaizen to drive ongoing enhancement and growth.

Primary steps of the service

The primary steps of the Agile Metrics and Reporting service include:

Collaboratively identify relevant agile metrics aligned with organizational goals.
Integrate data collection tools and set up systems for seamless metric tracking.
Design intuitive dashboards and reports for effective communication.
Analyze data to derive insights and identify areas for improvement.
Implement continuous improvement frameworks to enhance agile practices.

Our esteemed team of seasoned consultants, with extensive expertise in agile working systems spanning over a decade since 2008, has painstakingly crafted the content and format of this training program. Drawing from their distinctive experiences and a wealth of corporate insights garnered through delivering consultancy services to prominent institutions across Turkey, our consultants have seamlessly integrated their diverse knowledge into this comprehensive offering.

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